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This coding standard should specify things like where to declare instance variables; how to name classes, methods, and variables; where to put Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 braces; and so on. The team should not need a document to describe these conventions because their code provides examples.

Teams will often invent their own standard system of names for a particular project. Eric Evans refers to this as ubiquitous language for the project.1Your code should use the terms from this language extensively. In short, the more you can use names that are overloaded with special meanings that are relevant to your project, the easier it will be for readers to know what your code is talking about.


For example, perhaps we need to print a report with the total of hours that an employee worked. We could sum up those hours in the code that prints the report, or we could try to keep a running total in the code that accepts time cards. Small and dense as this might appear, it’s also virtually impenetrable.

JavaScript continues to be the most commonly used programming language for 7 years in a row, while Python is the fastest growing. They make it easy to find modules, classes, and functions that are insufficiently tested.

Names in software are 90 percent of what make software readable. You need to take the time to choose them wisely and keep them relevant. There are times when the long list of specific imports can be useful. Furthermore, most modern IDEs will allow you to convert the wildcarded imports to a list of specific imports with a single command. So even in the legacy case it’s better to import wildcards. Every team should follow a coding standard based on common industry norms.

  • Anyway, I agree with what your prof said and I’ll follow the same line of thought, so I’ll share some ideas on possible similarity indexes you might use.
  • and create a copy of each high quality image in one destination folder.
  • Another blogpost for an in-depth read, with an application example.
  • Notably their website also features a JavaScript-based API to include on external projects.
  • He covers general news and useful resources in the web design space.

Lots of very funny code is written because people don’t take the time to understand the algorithm. They get something to work by plugging in enough if statements and flags, without really stopping to consider what is really going on. Sometimes we get “clever” about where to put certain functionality. We’ll put it in a function that’s convenient for us, but not necessarily intuitive to the reader.

It is worth taking the time to make the intent of our code visible to our readers. Of what use is a default constructor with no implementation?

Most IDEs give you a visual indication, marking lines that are covered in green and those that are uncovered in red. This makes it quick and easy to find if or catch statements whose bodies haven’t been checked.