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Bottom LineAura Oneis a great eReader with the outstanding build quality, crisp screen, and slick user interface. It is also one of the most feature-rich e-readers on the market which also delivers one of the best reading experiences out there. Whilst Kobo devices are still making their name in the US, I think they deserve a lot more attention than they currently have. Part of the reason is the dependency on the eco-system which is not as mature as Amazon’s. Before you make a decision to buy Aura One, I suggest you drop by their online store and check the books you are interested in. Make sure that not only the book selection is there but also the prices are being competitive.

Editorial Reviews Vs Amazon Reviews

  • The soundscape they generate is impressively broad and feels more remote than the closed-back headset should be able to offer.
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  • As well as offering pinpoint audio clarity, that separation also means the Cloud Alpha headset never feels oppressive, even over an extended play session.
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  • In terms of the all-important specs, the HyperX Cloud Alpha sports 50mm drivers with a broad frequency response of 13Hz – 27,000Hz.

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I found some books to be more and some to be less expensive than on Amazon. The areas where the Aura One seems to underperform is actually the Kobo’s ecosystem. it also appears to be less competitive in terms of the price compared to Amazon (at least the books I’ve checked). The biggest advantage that Aura One has over any Kindle e-reader is the support of open ebook formats such as ePub, PDF, or Mobi. It allows you to host and browse ebooks in one place irrespective of where they came from. It is also quite enjoyable to use for late-night reading.

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The Aura One has an integrated backlight that automatically adapts to your environment. Although it works well, I feel the display is not exactly evenly lit with more light being available at the bottom of the screen. The eReader is very comfortable to hold over long periods of time due to its ergonomic and lightweight design. With only 166 grams on the adobe flash player update scale, Kobo Clara HD is the lightest eReader in our review. Clara HD is the latest release in a value eBook reader line up from Kobo devices. To accommodate the sleeker and slimmer design, this Kindle eBook reader omitted the beloved navigation button.

Besides a storage capacity upgrade, this e-reader also allows you to use dark mode, set up individual reading profiles, and reading presets. For audiobook lovers, this e-reader offers a seamless e-book to audiobook transition. Besides that, you can also easily buy new titles or transfer books to your Kindle via Bluetooth and WiFi.

Bottom LineA top of the line e-reader, this waterproof Kindle Oasis features a sharp and bright HD display with automatic lighting adjustments. Thanks to the ergonomic design and navigation buttons, it is optimized for one-handed reading. It is more expensive than other Kindles, but it is the most advanced e-reader that makes reading a treat. Thanks to Bluetooth and Audible support, this e-reader is optimized for audiobook integration. Whispersync allows you to switch between reading and listening seamlessly. You can also use your Kindle email to transfer any titles from your old Kindles.

The eReader also comes with an innovative backlight system that allows the color temperature adjustment and the color change itself. You can pick between blue, white, or yellow to adapt to the environment and make it easier on your eyes, especially when reading in the dark. The option to change colors may sound unnecessary at first, yet when you start using it, you will find it hard to revert to the standard white Kindle backlight. Also, the quality of the backlight is significantly better than any Kindle made so far. Kobo Forma is a worthy successor that brings a couple of innovative and handy concepts to the eBook reader world.

Except for the physical on/off button, everything can be accessed and operated from the touchscreen. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is available in 8GB or 32GB options. You can store around 4000 to 5000 eBooks on the 8GB version, while the 32GB version can hold beefier audio files.

Bottom LineKobo Forma is the new flagship in the Kobo’s lineup and rightly so. It has all the features you can expect a premium eReader to have. It is waterproof, extremely light, has an amazingly clear display and allows you to customize the settings to get the best reading experience like no other eReader on the market. Another handy feature is the built-in gyroscope that allows the reader to flip between portrait and landscape modes automatically by changing the eReader’s orientation. Alternatively, you can lock the orientation to disable the gyroscope.